National TRIO Day

National TRIO Day is meant to focus the nation's "attention on the needs of disadvantaged young people and adults aspiring to improve their lives, to the necessary investment if they are to become contributing citizens of the country, and to the talent which will be wasted if that investment is not made." TRIO Day has been proclaimed a National Day of Service. We encourage programs to perform some sort of community service-as a way for TRIO to give back to their community and say thank you for its support.

TRIO Day T-Shirt Design Contest Winner,

Isaiah Negron


TRIO SSS student at Triton College and is

Sophomore Marketing major. 

TRIO Day T-Shirt Design Contestant,

Wayne C. Abbott III


I.D.E.A.S. (Interdisciplinary Design in the Arts) major at the University of Illinois at Chicago who's a Senior in TRIO SSS. 

TRIO Day T-Shirt Design Contestant,

Bao Trieu N. Pham


Second-year student currently attending the College of Lake County. She will eventually be transferring next fall to DePaul University majoring in graphic design and minoring marketing.

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