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Illinois TRIO is an Educational Opportunity Program organization which is comprised of directors, counselors, students, parents, educators, and others who are dedicated to ensuring access and education for all who desire a post-secondary education.

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Upcoming Events

COE's Policy Seminar

March 22-24, 2021

              All Virtual

                  This year’s virtual summit consists of three events:


  • 1) The TRIO Alumni Leadership Forum, a virtual networking event for TRIO alumni takes place on Saturday, March 20;

  •  2) The Seminar on Relations with the U.S. Department of Education or “ED Seminar” will include remarks from grant agency officials and programmatic breakout sessions on Monday, March 22; and

  • 3) The two-day advocacy session (formally known as the “Policy Seminar”) will feature remarks by key Members of Congress and online panels of legislative experts, advocacy training, and virtual visits to Capitol Hill on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 23 and 24.