President's Remarks

Greetings IL TRIO!

My name is Jameta Rogers and I am the Assistant Dean of Student Development at Chicago City Colleges-Richard Daley College. Recently I served as the Director of TRIO Student Support Services at Prairie State College.  I am an alumnus of Knox College’s Student Support Services Program, former ELI Participant, Secretary of IL TRIO, Secretary of MAEOPP (now EOA) and most recent Executive Board Member of IL TRIO. 

This journey to President of IL started some time ago.  It started when a legend in TRIO gave this young lady a chance.  When a TRIO Program took me under their wing and made sure that I graduated in four years.  This path though long has been intentional. Each obstacle, each set back has gotten me here today.  Along the way I learned to reach within and redirect my energy to what I said my core values are:  giving back to the community that raised me and always lending a helping hand.

Each time I had to remind myself of the why, why do I work with First Generation Students, why do I work with people that look like me and why is it so important for students to see someone who looks like them that made it out. Each time I had to get back to the L.O.V.E The Love of my students, colleagues and community.  The L.O.V.E of seeing the joy on students’ faces when they accomplish their goals, the L.O.V.E of seeing the light bulb go on when they finally get what you were trying to show them L.O.V.E stands for Learning Our Value Every day. 

Over the past years our Presidents have reminded us to embrace our foundation and to serve with transparency these reminders have helped us to honor those that have come before us and labored to get us here. Now it’s time for us to reassess ourselves and ensure that we have what we need to continue to produce.  Self-Reflection is imperative if we are to serve in excellence and take this organization to the next level.

This year we will return back to the L.O.V.E. Learning Our Value Every day.  Everyday let’s commit to filling our cup so that we can pour into the students and staff we serve. I would like to thank President Mack for all her sacrifices she has made to be President of this great organization.  Her transparency and willingness to share has showed me how to balance this position and my life responsibilities. I thank Past President Butler for all his guidance and his listening ear. 

I look forward to this year, let’s get this work done.

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