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Committee Chairs

Illinois TRIO Committees are composed from TRIO professionals selected to serve the organization.


Standing Committees
  • Membership & Certification-Anthony Sago, President Elect

  • Research & Evaluation-Tiffany Jackson

  • Special Concerns and Affiliations- DeAndre Butler & Ariel Beverly

  • Legislation and Education-Elizabeth Harris & James Alford

  • Scholarships-Tracy Cureton & Theresa Harris

  • Public Relations & Communications-Wain Davis

  • Professional Development-Phoebe McLean & Maggie Burkhead

  • Finance- James Alford

  • Nominations & Elections-Jameta Rogers-Past President

  • Technology-Wain Davis, Rhetta Seymour, Latoya Carter

Special Committees
  • Council Fair Share-Tee Slatton & Christinia Edwards

  • TRIO Day-NORTH-Dr. Elaine Dussard   SOUTH Wain Davis

  •  Policies, Procedures, and Practices- Misty Williams & Riza Belen

  • Educational Foundations-Laura Dayton & Melissa Brooks

  • TRIO Alumni Council- Christin Wittman & Phoebe Mclean

  • Student Leadership Conference-Felicia Bohanon

  • McNair Circles-TBA

Committee Descriptions



  • Membership and Credentials- Keeping the membership abreast of their membership status, as well as encouraging new members to join the association.


  • Research and Evaluation- Promoting research, evaluation and planning for ILLINOIS TRIO. Provide evaluations as necessary and appropriate for the Association’s conferences, workshops and seminars.


  • Special Concerns & Affiliations- Create liaisons for undocumented residents, establish relationships with those entities and agencies, work with Public School systems, Immigration and Naturalization Services.


  • Legislation and Education- Act as a Federal liaison for the Association working with the President on all matters relating to the Department of Education (ED) and to work with the President, Finance Chair and Educational Foundations Chair on any grant related efforts which would supplement direct cost related to the Association.


  • Public Relations & Communications- Create and publish newsletters.


  • Finance- Work with Treasurer to assure the budget, expenditures and costs and monies are in sync.


  • Policies, Procedures and Practices- Ensure all Executive Board members and Committee Chairs are trained and provide on-going training on Policies and Procedures as related to Association.


  • Professional Development Conference- Provide professional development opportunities for the Association.


  • Student Leadership Conference- Coordinate, and execute the Student Leadership Conference.


  • Nomination/Elections - Coordinate the election of officers.


  • Educational Foundations and Scholarships- Cultivate relationships with corporate sponsorships through the application and submission of all applicable supplemental grant funds.

  • National TRiO Day (North, Central, and South)- This committee task is to coordinate the National TRiO Day Celebrations in the three regions.

  • Technology- Responsible for receiving, formatting and disseminating information for the website.

  • Council Fair share- Remind, members to contribute to the council of Opportunity in Education.

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